Welcome to Charleston Dry Feet WIP (Work in Progress)

Charleston has the key to ending our flooding problem. We just don’t know it yet. Locked in databases and paper files stretched across municipal, county, and state jurisdictions, we already know where the water is coming from, where it goes, and how it gets there.

Taking all those pieces of knowledge, figuring out how to automate their extraction, and put it in a database that is free and open to all will allow all of us to figure out what’s going wrong, which ei didn’t get dotted and which tee didn’t get crossed. For most of us, this is tedious work. For a select few, this is fun. For everybody it’s necessary so we keep our homes without water damage, our cars not floating along a temporary river, and, of course, our feet dry.

This is not something that can be done alone, nor can it be done for free. The flooding isn’t free either. Fixing it is cheaper than living with it.

There is a Facebook page to organize and collaborate.
There is a gofundme to raise a test sum to see if this project can be made sustainable. Proceeds go to setting up a non-profit to permanently monitor and make sure that no matter who gets elected, the work continues to be a priority.

Please join the Facebook community.
Please donate to the gofundme.

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