Daily update – September 20, 2017

Update – the research process is now starting. The Charleston metro area drainage systems are the responsibility of the following organizations:
1. The State of South Caroline Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for water coming off state roads.
2. Each municipality is responsible for their own roads.
3. The three counties of Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston for the unincorporated parts of their respective counties. They also, by intergovernmental agreement will takeĀ requests from municipalities to fix things. Members of the public do have to get their own municipality to make the request. The county won’t do it direct.
4. Private stormwater drainage systems are the responsibility of the private landowners that they sit on. The biggest cases are Kiawah and Seabrook but such things happen all over the metro area in HOA areas and spots where individual property owners have their own retention ponds (very common for commercial and industrial properties).

If you see a poorly maintained stormwater feature, appealing to get it fixed to somebody who doesn’t own it is an exercise in useless frustration. It’s already become obvious that nobody has a full inventory of all stormwater drainage assets, their ownership, their maintenance schedule, their capacity, which direction the water is supposed to go (more complicated than you might think) and what drains into that asset.

We could use it. We won’t stop developers from hurting existing property owners by mistake until we have it.

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